September 17, 2009

The Dream for Philippine Studies: ANAK's Response to Mr. Lamoureux

Pilipino Express 16 September 2009

In the last publication of Pilipino Express, Kevin Lamoureux’s article U of W Seeks closer ties with Philippines welcomed feedback regarding Philippine studies. Mr. Lamoureux was kind enough to mention “the ANAK group” in his thought piece. However, despite this small mention, we feel it is only fitting that we at ANAK share in this discussion. As Filipino-Canadian students, youth, and members of the community, we wish to underline that Philippine studies has been the thrust of our mandate since 2006. It is through our young lifetime as being “othered” in academia through a history that does not recognize our history; and of living in a society that knows us more through labels and stereotypes that we must respond. The development of Philippine Studies in Winnipeg will be the culmination of our identity, as we need to conceptualize it. It is not something that we feel should be simplified as an “academic option” or an “immigration stream” as Mr. Lamoureux so gently tries to sell it as. It really is something that should come with the voice of the community truly in mind. The formation of Philippine Studies in Winnipeg is the reality of how future generations of Filipino-Canadians will come to understand who they are.

Read MLA Kevin Lamoreux's Article (Pilipino Express 1 Sept 09)