March 17, 2010

Celebrate Our Story with Your Story: Manila to Manitoba Exhibit Commemorative Wall

March 16, 2010

As Filipino-Canadians, we each have a story. Today we celebrate, as a community, the many memories that connect us to our heritage. Although we have arrived in Winnipeg at different times and through different generations, each of our connections to the Philippines often began with one person.

For me, my mother is the reason I am here. She was the first to immigrate to Winnipeg, and then my father followed soon after. They started a family and so now here is where I call home and why my roots are in the Philippines. For my mother the story might be different. She may have pioneered the start of our lives as Filipino-Canadians, but who motivated her to leave the Philippines? Was it for the future of her children? Or was it for the family she left behind? Or both?

ANAK invites you to honour and remember the person (or people) who inspired your story. Create a lasting memory by featuring their name at the Manila to Manitoba Exhibit at The Manitoba Museum from June to September 2010. We hope for the exhibit to travel through parts of Canada. This is Winnipeg’s first Filipino-Canadian oral history exhibit. Name places cost $20 each. All proceeds will go towards the construction of the exhibit and hosting of the Philippine Studies Summer Institute in August 2010.

Celebrate our story with your story.