June 9, 2011

Filipino Youth Transitions in Canada

June 10, 2011

ANAK is pleased to work with Dr. Phillip Kelly (York University) on the Filipino Youth Transitions in Canada Project. Congratulations to Darlyne Bautista and Kezia Malabanan in joining the national research team. Case studies will take place in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Hamilton.

Filipino immigrants arrive in Canada with one of the highest percentages of university-level education among all recent immigrant groups, and yet the children of Filipino immigrants have one of the lowest rates of university graduation. It would seem that a pattern is emerging of Filipino-Canadian youth reproducing the subordinate labour market positions into which their parents were incorporated upon arrival. The objective of this project is to examine the roots of these inter-generational outcomes.

This research should help us understand how ethnic identity is implicated in economic opportunities, how parental employment is reproduced in the life chances of their children, and how different immigrant settlement sites shape the next generation in important ways.

Photo: FYTiC Winnipeg at CKJS Pinoy Saturday Night (r-l) Darlyne Bautista, Sheryll Ayen Dandan Zamora, Philip Kelly, Daisydee Bautista, Kezia Malabanan (missing)