September 29, 2011

First National Study launched to understand experiences of Filipino-Canadian youth

September 29, 2011

Were you one of those kids in school wondering where the Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians were in your Canadian textbooks? Did you continue to wonder the same thing when you grew into an adult?

The reality is is that across Canada, Filipino-Canadians have not gained the same attention as other immigrant groups. Now, a team of community partners and researchers wants to understand how we're doing because national statistics say we're not doing so well.

Filipino-Canadian youth struggle to finish high school and university. We also appear to struggle with underemployment as we enter the workforce. Do you agree? You now FINALLY have a say.

ANAK is urging Winnipeggers to spread the word about the Filipino Youth Transitions in Canada survey at . It is important that Winnipeg is represented in this first-ever national study on Filipino-Canadian youth.

FYTiC was developed in Toronto by York University professor, Dr. Philip Kelly, and the Community Alliance for Social Justice. It is ta...king place in 4 cities across Canada (Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver). In Winnipeg, ANAK is partnering as research collaborator.

We want to find out:

- if our Filipino-Canadian identity has any impact on our economic opportunities;
- if our parents`employment success shapes our own opportunities in the future; and
- if being a `successful`Filipino-Canadian is a matter of where you live in Canada.

Each city represents its own unique Filipino-Canadian story. So, we need you to tell us about you (and all your barkada).

Participate in the FYTiC survey at , if you are:

- Filipino-Canadian (with one or both parents of Filipino heritage)
- over 18 years of age (there is no maximum age)
- born in Canada or immigrated before the age of 13

This project is based on interviews with key informants, focus groups, and surveys.

For more info visit FYTiC's webpage at