June 7, 2014

Pananaw 2014 Youth Forum

Thank you to our participants and volunteers!

On Thursday June 5, ANAK and the United Way held the Pananaw 2014 Youth Forum. It was an intense session with Winnipeg's best and brightest young minds from grades 9 to 12. Over 20 volunteers, student participants, and facilitators were there to discuss issues concerning family, employment, politics (civic engagement), education, oral history, and immigration.

ANAK will be compiling the results of the forum with a report to the community. It will also use the information for future programming.

A special thank you to Linda of the United Way, DMCI, and Sisler High School for their support and involvement.
We also owe a special thank you to all our volunteers for another successful year!

John (Sisler) maps identity and stereotyping in the day's immigration workshop.
Ashley (DMCI) with her mind map at the immigration workshop.

United Way's beautiful workspace.

Getting personal with a discussion on family.