December 5, 2015

Empowering the Community with Worker Rights Knowledge

Workshop participants complete the Rights Activity

ANAK is proud to have hosted two successful Workplace Health and Safety Workshops last November with the support of Migrant Manitoba and the MFL Occupational Health Centre.

Welcoming two dozen participants with diverse work backgrounds in healthcare, service, and manufacturing industries, Facilitator Johsa Manzanilla highlighted topics under the Government of Manitoba Employment Standards Code, Labour Relations Act, and Workplace Safety and Health Act.

Facilitator Johsa Manzanilla
The workshop is geared towards those with Permanent Resident status and have limited work experience in Canada.  ANAK Executive Member, Johsa Manzilla, completed the mandatory 10-week training under the MFL Occupational Health Centre to become an official facilitator.

"We look forward to hosting more workshops in the future," Manzanilla states. "It's necessary we keep reaching out and make sure this service is available to the community."

Participants discuss worker rights.