February 1, 2017

ANAK Liwayway Scholarship 2017

ANAK is pleased to present its eleventh annual “Liwayway Scholarship for Leadership Excellence” to Filipino-Canadian students in Grade 12, who demonstrate a commitment to preserving and promoting Philippine heritage.

Two (2) scholarships of $500 will be awarded in June 2017, and winning essays will be published locally.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must:
  • Provide official school transcripts demonstrating a B (70% or 3.0) grade point average or better in three 40S courses (including English);
  • Refer to ANAK’s Oral History Handbook found on the ANAK website;
  • Provide a list of up to five interview questions used during the oral history interview; and
  • Complete a 500-word (2 pages double-spaced) typed essay entitled,
    Why Canada? What pushed and pulled my family here
    with direct quotes from one or more interviewees. Essays must:
           o Reference their research sources (including interviewees) using the MLA style guide; and
           o Provide personal reflection on what their family history means to them.

Successful applicants are subject to an interview process on May 17, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Click here to access 2017 Scholarship Application Resources

Application Deadline: May 1, 2017