10th Anniversary Celebrations

October 1, 2016

Solidarity in identity and belonging

by Johsa Manzanilla  (Published in Pilipino Express October 1-15)

I first stumbled upon ANAK in 2009. I instantly fell in love.

It was summer, and I was having conversations with other Filipino-Canadians in Winnipeg, as they shared with me their thoughts on identity and belonging. At the time, I was a grad student in human rights and social justice, also personally struggling with my own sense of self as a young Filipina, trying to make sense of who I am and why I am in Canada. The school that I was studying at was in The Hague, Netherlands, so I had come back home for a month to research the social exclusion narratives of my community. Through this process, I met two other young, bright and energetic women who shared with me this conflict with identity and who grappled with the question of how we “fit” in – a push/pull between our “Filipino-ness” and “Canadian-ness.”

September 5, 2016

Larong Pinoy Tournament a Success

By Karla Atanacio  (Published in Filipino Journal September 5-20)

Aksyon ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK) Inc. hosted a series of traditional Filipino games during last month’s Food-o-rama festival. The two-day event was filled with fun and enjoyment as families from all across Manitoba gave their best effort to participate. Larong Pinoy was composed of classic Filipino games such as patintero, tumbang preso, piko, Dr. Kwak Kwak and Chinese Garter – games that are usually unbeknownst to younger Filipino-Canadians.

Foodorama organizer Lourdes Federis wanted to remind Filipinos that our culture is just as worth sharing as our food. “I remember after playing Chinese Garter when I was a kid, my friends and I always buy sago or scramble. I think Larong Pinoy compliments that “homey” feeling, and most especially I want to preserve that part of our culture to the coming generation.”

September 1, 2016

One step forward, one look back

Johsa Manzanilla presents the ANAK Scholarship
to Isabella Ramirez at the Maples Collegiate convocation
Rizaley Patio, presenter Andrew Aviso, and
Dianne Guinto at Sisler High School awards ceremony

by Ricardo Reyes  (Published in Pilipino Express September 1-15)

This past year has been special with ANAK celebrating its big 10th anniversary. Reaching this milestone naturally came with time to reflect on past achievements, but also continued to provide us the opportunity to connect with fellow youth and to see the hopeful promise of the future.

For 10 years, ANAK has been awarding high school graduates in our community with the ANAK Liwayway Scholarship for Leadership Excellence; a scholarship program created by Filipino-Canadian youth for Filipino-Canadian youth. Volunteers raise funds each year to not only support the pursuit of post-secondary studies, but also to celebrate a focus on preserving and promoting Philippine heritage.