September 1, 2018

Are you Filipino?

by Andrew Aviso (Published in Pilipino Express September 1-15)

Andrew getting ready to facilitate a fun filled Kapatid Program session

Mentorship has always been one of the key pillars of ANAK as an organization. From the beginning, the purpose of ANAK’s Kapatid Program has been to assist Filipino youth academically, socially, and culturally in Canadian society. I was introduced to the program in 2007, when I joined in as a volunteer mentor. I then got more involved by becoming an ANAK member, and helped run the program with the mentorship committee. Even though I was already working full-time as a gas-turbine mechanic, I found a way to fit the Kapatid Program into my schedule.

I loved every minute of it; from homework help, to preparing workshops, organizing group activities, or just letting loose and getting to reconnect culturally with my own heritage. Collaborating ideas with fellow mentors and connecting with the mentees also helped me gain valuable skills that were transferable outside of the program. The community involvement, the newly developed skill set, and the rewarding experiences that I gained in the program made me realize that I wanted to become a teacher; an Industrial-Arts teacher in particular. This allowed me to include my previous hands-on experiences as a mechanic into the classroom.

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August 1, 2018

The subtlety of change: a quiet transformation

by Johsa Manzanilla (Published in Pilipino Express August 1-15)

Johsa Manzanilla and Guezz Lois Quizon
at the Dakota Collegiate convocation
James Andrew Aviso presenting Glenlawn Collegiate
graduate Sabrina Paras with her award

Growth. It may seem slow, as if it’s taking forever, or it’s not happening – but rest assured, it is. Think of a time when a Tita whom you hadn’t seen in awhile exclaimed, “Ay! Malaki ka na!” To you, it may seem you haven’t grown, you haven’t changed, but to her, and to others, transformation is evident.

ANAK as an organization has been around for 12 years, developing resources like books, videos, music, and mentorship programs. By fostering a love for education, we can tell our own stories in the academe and in mainstream narratives. As volunteers, we are committed to empowering Filipino-Canadian youth through capacity building and providing both a safe space to process our thoughts on identity and a platform from which to amplify our voices.

June 18, 2018

Philippine Heritage Week 2018

Philippine Heritage Week 2018

Philippine Heritage Week 2018 was a success! We kicked off the week at the flag raising at city hall and ended the festivities with a beautiful gala with tons of activities and events in between. The crew had the opportunity to meet our community, and celebrate our culture. Thank you to the Philippine Heritage Council of Manitoba and the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival.

[click here for some of the photo highlights from the week]