June 18, 2018

Philippine Heritage Week 2018

Philippine Heritage Week 2018

Philippine Heritage Week 2018 was a success! We kicked off the week at the flag raising at city hall and ended the festivities with a beautiful gala with tons of activities and events in between. The crew had the opportunity to meet our community, and celebrate our culture. Thank you to the Philippine Heritage Council of Manitoba and the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival.

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June 1, 2018

Sweets to celebrate

by Vizlumin Cabrera (Published in Pilipino Express June 1-15)

A fantastic way to introduce a foreign culture to anyone is by sharing its food. With Manitoba being home to more than 70,000 people of Filipino descent, it’s no surprise that the traditional flavours of our cuisine have made its way into the hearts and onto the plates of many non-pinoy food lovers. While the savoury umami flavour of patis, and sharp notes of sinamak and sampalok will always be a delicious feature of our most beloved entrees, the unique variety of desserts from the Philippines will give anyone with a fondness for sweets, a run for their money.

Although dessert is typically eaten at the end of a meal, Filipinos are given the opportunity to have a little sugar-fix throughout the day, during meryenda as well. From the sweet-savoury, charcoal smoked nuances of bibingka, to the playful, childhood-memory inducing halo-halo, there is a treat for everyone’s sweet tooth. One dessert that is as traditional as it is approachable, is the pinoy doughnut; pilipit or shakoy. These treats are sold by street vendors everywhere, and resemble a twisted rope - if said rope came from a magical land, and all the rope was made of deep fried dough, and rolled in sugar. Even a hard to please eater would be drawn in to our culture by sampling this treat.

May 16, 2018

Mga anak at mga ina

by Johsa Manzanilla (Published in Pilipino Express May 16-31)

On Saturday, May 5th, Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan hosted a fun afternoon of canvas acrylic painting in honour of Mother’s Day. The “ANAK presents Ina” event featured a piece by local Filipino-Canadian artist Jogin Tamayo, who is known for his use of various forms of paints in depictions of people within their native environments.

The event was presented in collaboration with Lyn and Lou Alarkon of Alark Co. and their Pinta! Paint Series, which pairs rising Manitoba artists with local not-for-profits like ANAK to fundraise for a good cause.

About 40 painters were guided through two hours of creative expression, with Jogin going through each step, providing tips, and explaining the various methods of how to work with the tools. The abstract-style scene featured a mother and child in the foreground, set in the late evening by the water, with an island in the distance under swirling clouds in violet haze. Those in attendance were free to personalize their art as much as they wanted – from adding a cityscape on the island rather than a palm tree, some mountains and a nipa hut – to changing the embroidery pattern on the cloth.

The goal of the event was to raise funds for the ANAK Liwayway Scholarship for Leadership Excellence, given to deserving graduating grade 12 students of Filipino-Canadian descent for their post-secondary studies who demonstrate a commitment to preserving and promoting Philippine heritage.

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